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We are the ideal partner and the best energy supplier

We have been following the most important industrial and tertiary companies for energy management and sustainability. Our strength is reliability and competence, which have allowed us over time to collaborate with an increasing number of companies without ever distorting and continuing to provide “tailor made” services!

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Alens is one of the leading companies in the field of energy and environmental consulting, successfully supports the main Italian and international companies, and it was created thanks to the many years of experience of partners Davide Mariani and Paolo Guardamagna. 


Years of experience

Alens was born in 2012, but in our staff there are many technicians who have more than 25 years of experience. 


Energy Diagnosis

Since 2021, we have carried out more than 1.000 energy diagnosis, both in the tertiary and the industrial sector. 


GWh/year handled

The volume of electricity purchased on the free market by customers, managed through ALENS services, including Portfolio Management represents more than 1% of Italian final consumption. 


Sites for Energy Management

Alens carries out an energy management service for 75 siters, both in tertiary and in the industrial sector, gaining important consumption and energy saving.


Cogeneration plant for incentives

Presentation of HEC qualification for 47 plants on which EET have already been obtained. 


    The historical headquarters of Alens is located in Pavia, but in 2019 we opened a new branch in Rome, in 2021 a new one in Vicenza, for a better management of customers in the center-south of Italy, and in 2022 in Milan. In 2021 we opened an office in Vicenza where there are several customers. Alens is also present in Bellinzona in Switzerland, with ALENS SWISS, that manages most international activities beyond the Swiss market.


    Italia – PAVIA

    Corso Cavour 44, 27100 Pavia
    +39 0382 22837

    Italia – ROMA

    Via Cosseria 2, 00192 Roma
    +39 0382 22837

    Italia – VICENZA

    Viale Zileri, 4/6, 36050 Monteviale VI
    +39 0382 22837

    Svizzera – CAMORINO

    Centro ALA Monda 2A
    CH-6528 Bellinzona Camorino
    +41 91 857 70 17


    Davide Mariani — Owner & Technical Director
    Paolo Guardamagna — Owner & Sales Director


    • Ferrero

    • Fiorucci

    • MEMC

    • Lindt & Sprüngli

    • Mapei

    • Lic Packaging

    • Lesaffre

    • Ds Smith

    • Pilkington

    • Smurfit Kappa

    • Safilo

    • Gruppo Cevico

    • Medici Ermete

    • Bennet

    • Esselunga

    • La Margherita

    • Autogrill

    • Carrefour

    • Decathlon

    • Gruppo San Donato

    • Banco BPM

    • Eon

    • Enel X

    • BKW

    • Eni Gas&Luce

    • Pessina gestioni

    • Ballabio Winery

    • Brambati

    • Marzotto

    • AFV Beltrame

    • Reno De Medici

    • Cellografica Gerosa

    • Cartiere Olona

    • Fruttagel

    • Abk

    • Cooperlat

    • Inalpi

    • Essity

    • Bosch


    We offer the best solution for every company, but, at the same time, we are always beside the customer, in order to offer him an effective assistance, thanks to our customer service.

    ALENS s.r.l.
    Sede Legale: Corso Cavour 44, 27100 PAVIA | PEC:  - tel: +39 0382 22837 | fax: +39 0382 22838 - PIVA e CF 02474810187

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