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Energy Market

Consultancy and advisor

ALENS’ support allows to always obtain the best solutions: structured energy purchases and constant control of energy bills.

A comprehensive consultancy service that takes care of every aspect connected to the energy market, independent from energy suppliers. ALENS’ staff is able to support the Customer in the management of its purchase portfolio of electricity and natural gas, also in the case of direct management of the dispatching contract both in withdrawal and in insertion.

Eng. Davide Mariani

Energy Market Goals

Goal #01

Significant containment of energy costs

Goal #02

Complete management of the purchase portfolio

Goal #03


energy market strategies

# 1 — Portfolio Management

Staggered purchase policies, management of purchase policies, continuous observation of market trends, negotiation of favourable contractual clauses, which allow to limit the potentially harmful adverse effects related to the volatility and variability of the energy market, today.

# 2 — Energy Bill Audit

Periodic verification of energy carriers’ s invoices by expert technicians which allows you to quickly resolve anomalies, avoiding undue costs, penalties or use of dedicated internal resources.

# 3 — Software SimonBill

SimonBill is a software for reporting and checking energy bills that allows the user to manage both single-user and multi-user through the use of a dedicated cloud platform.

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