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  • Energy management ISO 50001 and environment ISO 14001

ISO 50001 and ISO 14001

ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certifications provide management strategies to grow energy and environment efficiency. They allow a reduction of the cost connected to energy and environmental consumptions.
The management systems supply the organizations an internationally recognized instrument that allows the continuous improvement and identification of the criticalities and the strategies of its resolution.

ISO 50001

Energy management system

The regulation offers management strategies to every type of business, both public and private, which ami at: 

  • increase in energy efficiency 
  • cost reduction
  • improvement in energy performance that must be integrated in the management of everyday activities of the company 

The objective of the ISO 50001 standard is in fact to allow organizations to create and maintain an Energy Management System (EMS) that allows to continuously improve your energy performance. The latest version of the standard was published in 2018. With the new version, ISO 50001 has also aligned with the high level structure (HLS), a sort of “common skeleton” to the regulatory standards of the management system, which allows it to be more integrated and facilitates the implementation, for the benefit of the organisation that chooses to adopt them. 

ISO 14001

Environment energy system

It is an international regulation, applicable to any type of public or private organization, which specifies the requirements of an environmental management system. 

  • carries out an environmental analysis, that is to achieve an in-depth knowledge of the environmental aspects (emissions, use of resources, etc.) that an organisation must actually manage, understands the legislative framework and requirements applicable to the company and evaluates the significance of the impacts; 
  • defines a company policy 
  • defines specific responsibilities according to the environment 
  • defines, applies and keeps active the activities, procedures and the registrations as per ISO 14001.

This regulations is easily integrable with other management systems in compliance with specific regulations (ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001), and it is integrally acknowledged in the attachment II of the reg. 1221/09 (EMAS III).

ALENS is able to assist the company in the preparation of all the documentation necessary to implement the energy management system and guide it until obtaining the certification itself.


Eng. Paolo Guardamagna
Sales Director
Eng. Cecilia Brenna
Project Manager
Eng. Davide Mariani
Technical Director


The adhesion to the management systems ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, together with ALENS qualified consultancy, have many benefits, which are:  


  • Support companies in order to take advantage of its own activities 

  • Adapt trasparent parameters and facilitate the communication on resources management 

  • Promote better management strategies improving good management practices 

  • Support installation in the evaluation, giving priority to the application of new technologies

  • Provide a structure to promote efficiency throughout the supply chain 

  • Simplify the project management through the reduction of harmful emissions

  • Facilitate the integration with other organization management system, like health and safety   


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Can I integrate ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 in one management system?

Yes, the two regulations are meant to be integrated, so having one system is a huge advantage.

How long does it take to implement an ISO system?

It usually takes 9 or 12 months, including the certification.

Is Alens able to provide customer support throughout the country?

Yes, we are able to provide customer support throughout the country, thanks to our branches in Pavia, Vicenza and Rome – in Italy – , while we are Active on the rest of the market with our branch in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

My company needs a customized service. Do you offer it?

Yes, our work is “tailor made”. We provide a service built upon the requests of every company. 

I am looking for a strategic consultation, but I often run into companies that end up connecting me to a call center. In this regard, how is your approach?

Each activity is managed by a Project Coordinator , who will be the interface of the Customer; that is a technical profile with a wide experience on the topic of interest. We never use call centers, only qualified personnel.

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