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A better world with Energy Efficiency

Climate neutrality represent the point where greenhouse gas emissions do not exceed the earth’s capacity to absorb these emissions. To achieve climate neutrality, it is necessary to measure emissions and consequently reduce them. In fact, despite all possible efforts, it is not possible to avoid some emissions resulting from daily activities or industrial processes.

Zerocarbontarget accompanies companies in emission reduction projects (measurable and certifiable) within the production chain of the company or its associated communities, creating a positive impact on the environment, communities and natural resources. It also plans and proposes investments in mitigation projects outside the company system, using CO2 compensation methods.

Why you should choose Alens

ALENS offers a comprehensive consulting service on all aspects related to the energy market, in complete independence from energy suppliers. How we can help:

  • we support the customer in all the phases connected to the purchase process and the management of energy supplies
  • we use strategies necessary to marginalise uncertainty factors linked to a supply activity on the energy resources market
  • we give assistance in choosing the supplier of electricity, natural gas or other energy carriers through the planning of tenders
  • reports of comparison and elaboration of the conditions of the contractual outline in order to render homogeneous the analysis between the different offers of supply received
  • management and assistance on administrative and fiscal practices related to energy supplies
  • assistance on opportunities related to incentive mechanisms such as interruptibility, interconnectors, virtual storage, climate emergency, energy-intensive qualification and any similar projects
  • coverage of energy management function, ex art. 19 Legge 10/91 and communication to FIRE.
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Discover now ZeroCarbonTarget

A better world with energy efficiency

Zerocarbontarget is a project for Energy Managers, Sustainability Managers, entrepreneurs and all the functions committed to reducing the company’s carbon emissions and energy costs.


Can ZeroCarborTarget be applied both to the organization and to the product?

Yes, it is a path conceived for organizations, locations and products, and it can be applied to them all.


In order to obtain leaves, do I need certifications from third parties?

Yes, as required by the disciplinary for the provision of the label, the third party certification is mandatory.

Is ZeroCarbonTarget ALENS exclusive?

No, it is a mechanism applicable by the company directly or by other consultants, but the important experience of ALENS is essential for the correct application of the mechanism.

Is Alens able to provide customer support throughout the country?

Yes, we are able to provide customer support throughout the country, thanks to our branches in Pavia, Vicenza and Rome – in Italy – , while we are Active on the rest of the market with our branch in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

My company needs a customized service. Do you offer it?

Yes, our work is “tailor made”. We provide a service built upon the requests of every company. 

I am looking for a strategic consultation, but I often run into companies that end up connecting me to a call center. In this regard, how is your approach?

Each activity is managed by a Project Coordinator , who will be the interface of the Customer; that is a technical profile with a wide experience on the topic of interest. We never use call centers, only qualified personnel.


Eng. Paolo Guardamagna
Sales Director
Eng. Raffaele Maxia
Project Manager
Eng. Davide Mariani
Sales Director

Integrated services of ZeroCarbonTarget 
to reduce CO2 emissions

Carbon Footprint


Carbon Footprint is a measure that expresses in CO2 the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product, an organization or a service.

Environmental Declaration of Product


EPD or Environmental Product Declaration is a voluntary environmental product certification in accordance with ISO 14025.


Find out how to invest in projects that aim at the gradual reduction of your CO2 emissions and the reduction of the use of fossil fuels, through the improvement of energy performance and more.

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