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Alens is an ESCO that works through performance contracts, and it realizes financed interventions that allow the customer to address his economic resources to the core business, not to energetic efficiency. 

A comprehensive service: project, realization, maintenance of implants, cogeneration of lighting implants, conditioning and much more. Everything is realized in collaboration with important partners, who supply technologies and services.  

Thanks to this experience and the Quality of the Partners, we realize high performance systems which are able to bring significant economic benefits to the customer, without having to dedicate CAPEX to the implementation of the intervention itself.

Eng. Paolo Guardamagna

Our Goals

Goal #01
realization of different intervention with no fees for the client
Goal #02
Energy efficiency of different companies with the performance contract formulation
Goal #03
Significant technologic innovation

performance contracts

# 1 — EPC Contracts

Energy Performance Contract – is an agreement between the beneficiary and the ESCO for the improvement of energy efficiency, through interventions made with investment of ESCO and are paid according to the level of economic improvement achieved.

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