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Sustainability at the heart of the business

Sustainability at the heart of the business

The support of ALENS allows the Customer to put environmental sustainability at the center of his business. It is more reliable, less risky and therefore able to produce value in the long term.

The concept of sustainability is intrinsically linked to that of environmental protection, but in recent years it has undergone a profound evolution. We started with a vision centered almost exclusively on ecological aspects, to arrive at a broader meaning that considers, in addition to environmental dimension, the economic and social ones.

“A development model capable of satisfying the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their owns, is defined as sustainable”

Including sustainability in growth strategies represents a competitive advantage, but also a regulatory compliance in perspective. This is very important and must be considered in business decisions, today.

Eng. Paolo Guardamagna


Goal #01


Goal #02


Goal #03

Complete management of the purchase portfolio

Carbon Targets
and Develop­ment


ZeroCarbonTarget is a path that accompanies companies in emission reduction projects, creates a positive impact on the environment, communities and natural resources.

# 2 — ETS

The Legislative Decree n. 216 of 4/4/2006, establishes a request for authorization for emissions, produced by combustion, to emit greenhouse gases, before the plants start operating.

Thanks to its experience in the energy field, ALENS is able to assist companies that participate in the Emissions Trading mechanism.


The Carbon Footprint is a tool for measuring, managing and communicating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to products or services. The Carbon Footprint label is perceived by consumers as an index of the quality and sustainability of companies.

# 4 — EPD certification

The Environmental Product Declaration is a voluntary environmental product certification that provides information on the life cycle in accordance with ISO 14025. The EPD has international validity and is verified by an independent and accredited third party, which guarantees its validity and can be applied to any type of product.

# 5 — Sustainability report

Contact Alens for the drafting or updating of the Sustainability Report: in a few weeks, after analyzing the data, we are able to guide you on your sustainability path by drafting a specific roadmap.

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Learn how to save energy while reducing the environmental impact. We accompany you in the management of all aspects related to energy, environmental and sustainability world. Discover Alens, talk to us.

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