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EPC solution

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) are a contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the supplier of an energy efficiency improvement measure, verified and monitored during the entire duration of the contract, where investments (works, supplies or services) carried out are paid according to the level of energy efficiency improvement contractually established or other agreed energy performance criteria, such as financial savings.

The elements contained in the contract are the following:

  • clear and transparent list of the efficiency measures to be applied or the results to be achieved in terms of efficiency;
  • the guaranteed savings to be achieved by applying the measures provided for in the contract;
  • the duration and the fundamental aspects of the contract, the terms and conditions envisaged;
  • a clear and transparent list of the obligations incumbent on each contractual party;
  • reference date or dates to determine the savings made;
  • a clear and transparent list of the stages of implementation of a measure or package of measures and, where relevant, the related costs;
  • the obligation to fully implement the measures provided for in the contract and the documentation of all changes made during the project;
  • provisions governing the inclusion of equivalent requirements in any contract concessions to third parties;
  • a clear and transparent indication of the financial implications of the project and the share of the two parties in the pecuniary savings made (for example, remuneration of service providers);
  • clear and transparent provisions for the quantification and verification of guaranteed savings achieved, quality controls and guarantees;
  • provisions that clarify the procedure for managing changes to the framework conditions that affect the content and results of the contract (by way of example: change in energy prices, intensity of use of a plant);
  • detailed information on the obligations of each of the contracting parties and on penalties for non-compliance.

We finance your efficiency: ALENS, in collaboration with its partners, identifies energy efficiency interventions and assumes the costs of implementation and management through guaranteed performance contracts with enhancement of the fee based on the results achieved.


Eng. Paolo Guardamagna
Sales Director
Eng. Davide Mariani
Technical Director
Eng. Roberto Crivellaro
Project Manager


The benefits compared to a classic customer investment are:

  • Immediate earnings from the first year;

  • Zero investment by the Client;

  • Implementation of energy efficiency intervention;

  • ALENS assumes all technological, financial and management risks.


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Once the contract is closed, will the plant be a property of my company?

Yes, it will be the customer’s property. Alens would be willing to give support to management, maintenance and direction of the plant. 

Is Alens able to realize any kind of economic intervention or does it have any limit?

Alens is able to perform efficiency interventions without investment limits, thanks to its partners who will take charge of the development, shouldn’t Alens be able to directly intervene economically.

Is Alens able to provide customer support throughout the country?

Yes, we are able to provide customer support throughout the country, thanks to our branches in Pavia, Vicenza and Rome – in Italy – , while we are Active on the rest of the market with our branch in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

My company needs a customized service. Do you offer it?

Yes, our work is “tailor made”. We provide a service built upon the requests of every company. 

I am looking for a strategic consultation, but I often run into companies that end up connecting me to a call center. In this regard, how is your approach?

Each activity is managed by a Project Coordinator, who will be the interface of the Customer; that is a technical profile with a wide experience on the topic of interest. We never use call centers, only qualified personnel.

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