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Energy Efficiency


A new level of lighting with power savings.

Mcdonald’s is a reality present in 119 countries around the world with over 33 thousand offices.
In the Italian territory it is active with more than 600 catering points, serving 1 million people per day through the network of 25,000 employees. 

Project overview

  • Client
  • Location
    Savona (SV) – Italy
  • Year
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Project Team

Eng. Paolo Guardamagna

The challenge

For the Mcdonald’s store in Savona, Alens has structured a LED lighting system, with the aim of reducing consumption while maintaining a level of lighting power appropriate to the environment.


Relamping intervention

The relamping intervention is realized to null initial investment from the customer, Alens has borne the costs of supply and installation and the customer will pay through a partial transfer of the savings obtained compared to the energy bill and the historical expenditure incurred before the intervention, for a contractual period of 5 years.

The activity carried out by ALENS through the ESCo formula has developed as follows: 

  • Project: sizing of the new LED lighting system and preliminary business plan drafting

  • Installation: supply and installation of lighting fixtures at zero investment for the customer

  • Monitoring: monitoring of consumption during the contract period and possible maintenance


A new plant that ensures savings and net power

The consumption of the new plant will be monitored by suitable measuring equipment, the customer will receive 40% of the savings generated for the contractual duration. At the end of 5 years, all the benefits will go to the customer.

With about 6.200 hours/year of operation, it is estimated that the new plant can allow savings of about 75.7 Mwh/year, equal to over 11,600 €/year.
The installed power went from about 16.5 kW to 4.3 kW and the average lighting level increased by 20%. 

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