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Energy Efficiency


Realization of lighting plant with EPC contract 

For the kindergarten of the municipality of Torre d’Isola Alens has performed a project to build the LED lighting system in ESCO mode with EPC contract, bringing significant savings in costs and energy resources.

Overview progetto

  • Client
    Kindergarten of the municipality of Torre d’Isola
  • Location
    Torre d’Isola (PV) – Italy
  • Year
  • Field
    Public Education


The challenge

In a space dedicated to the growth and development of the creativity of children, the lighting sources are a necessary pillar, to allow all recreational activities to be carried out in appropriate spaces.
The objective in this case was therefore to ensure a lighting of the spaces dedicated to children that was adequate and, at the same time, allow the municipality to reduce the installed power, equal to 5.304 W before the intervention. 


Installation of a powerful and efficient plant

With its intervention, ALENS has installed:

  • 20 LED walls panel 18 W
  • 3 watertight LED lamps 50 W
  • 17 watertight LED lamps 40 W
  • 15 LED ceiling lights 7,5 W
  • 11 outdoor wall LED lamps 26 W
  • 8 outdoor LED lamp 7 W

which brought the structure to have 1.644,5 W distributed from the same lighting devices: a net saving that hasn’t limited the regular functioning of the kindergarten. 



The municipality has obtained a completely renovated plant without having to make investments. The savings have been significant since the first year of installation, with a fee based on actual savings. Moreover, the contractual modality allows the Municipality to have the guarantee of result and to pay a fee related to the actual savings achieved. After 4 years, the savings achieved amounted to about 65 kWh, with an annual saving achieved by the municipality exceeding 55% of ex-ante consumption.  

  • RE year = 17.737.7 kWh/year
  • SAVING = 56,3%
  • Saving in generated bill = 4.629,56 €/year
  • EPC annual fee = 2.120,0 €/year
  • Effective savings achieved = 2.509,5 €/year

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